My father chose to enter assisted living in 2002. He had a beautiful room, caring staff and wonderful facilities and he was very happy with his arrangement. As time has progressed, he has experienced some changes that necessitated a move to the “full” care center. He has spent eight and one-half years in the Community Memorial Health Center and speaks very highly of their care every time we visit. We as a family had a hard time getting him to take a shower or bath before he entered the health center and now he loves bath time. He loves the tubs and the friendly attitude of the staff that serves him. We appreciate their extra special attempts to make his life pleasant and he smells good when we see him. – Joyce W.


I have a 48 year old daughter with a deteriorating physical disability who resides at Community Memorial Health Center. My son also lived there until his death due to his illness. The care and compassion at this facility is outstanding. The care center staff has always provided a clean, neat, and welcoming place for friends and family. The new additions were designed as exceptional examples of the resident’s well-being and ease in being cared for. – Emily W.